Monday, February 6, 2012

Dino Creature Sketch

I've been doing a lot of digital work lately.  I go through phases where for a period of time drawing digitally doesn't seem to make sense.  Something about the feel of it doesn't really connect with me.  In those instances I grab my pencils and sketch fun stuff, things i don't really have to think to hard about.  This guy is just an amalgamation of a few dinosaurs.  Some kind of raptor, Spinosaurus and the texture of a crocodile or alligator.  

Prismacolor pencils on sketchbook paper.  

Artwork © Raul Ramos All Rights Reserved  


  1. What is that guy just standing there for, he should be running. Nice sketch by the way. Like seeing some drawing in the reals.

  2. That looks An awefol lot like the indoraptor!