Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Character Portrait.

Just some painting practice.  Started in gray scale then used soft light and multiply layers to add color.  The majority of it was done with the round brush.  There are some touches of some kind of grunge brush in areas but I tried to keep it as minimal as possible. I always feel that photographic brush textures look funny next to hand painted ones.  Maybe I need to find a different way of integrating them.  Not too sure what this character is supposed to be, wasn't really trying to make it anything just practice like I said.

4-5 Hrs
Photoshop CS5 & Intuos 4 Wacom Tablet 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Icarosaurus Ortho

This is the orthographic reconstruction of Icarosaurus that I will be using as the basis for my sculpture.  It took a while to gather all of the references I needed, some of the details still don't feel quit right mostly the skin and scale patterns, but as far as starting my sculpture is concerned I think this will do.